Monday, May 20, 2013

Using Flubaroo to Self Grade Google Form Quizzes

Do you have a multiple choice or fill in the blank test that you want to give to your students?  Although they are pretty easy to grade, who wants to spend the time?  Sure, you could use scantrons or iPad apps where you take a photo of the bubbled in sheet.  But why waste paper or your valuable time?  

Flubaroo is a script that you can add on to your google spreadsheet/google form which will automatically grade quizzes, and even send an email with the grade (and even answer key) to your students.

It is easy to use.  Just create a form.  Fill it out with the correct answers to make the answer key.  And then run the script. 

This video shows how to use the Flubaroo script.  I also demonstrate how to add an image into a google form and how to search for Creative Commons images.  (Creative commons images are liscensed by the owner for to be allowed for public use if they are given attribution.  Find out more at

Here is a sample quiz, it is the one I made in the video:  

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