Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Years! PD Opportunities for the New Year

A new year brings lots of new opportunities for educators to renew their passion for education.  There are some great local opportunities for teachers to meet with other dedicated educators, get some new ideas for the classroom, and add some inspiration back into their work day.  

Below is a list of local (to Northern California) conferences that I have attended in the past, or will be attending/presenting at this year.  Many of these conferences included workshops on how to integrate technology into your curriculum (which is a very important part of CCSS).  There are beginner to advanced sessions on using technology, so don't be afraid if you are just starting to look into how to integrate tech into your teaching.   There are also many workshops about great teaching and learning, that can be used with or without technology.

Learn how to integrate Google Apps for Education in your classes.  I attended the one this past summer at Sequoia High School and it was great!  There are a lot of session choices to attend.

CUE conferences and great... you get to learn about different ways to integrate technology into your class, breakfast and lunch is included, and the day always ends with a great raffle.

This is a free conference where the purpose is for you to play with different technologies or apps so that you are comfortable using them in your classes.  (Playdate stands for People Learning and Asking Y: Digital Age Teacher Exploration.)

CUE Rockstar camps are a lot of fun.  Each session is two hours long, so you really get a chance to try out what you are learning with the support of the faculty.  There are long breakfasts and lunches where you get to network and continue you learning with the other participants.  The locations of the camps allow you to explore some great areas of California and are an extra bonus "vacation".  Here is a blog post I wrote when I attended a Rockstar Camp this summer.  And here is another one written by the creator of the Rockstar Camps.

This is another free event where the educators develop the schedule for the day in the morning.  It is a great way to meet other passionate educators and discuss topics that interest you.

See the description above fore the East Bay CUE Cool Tools

See the description above for CUE Rockstar Napa Valley.

Try something new this year and attend one of these great events!

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