Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Intro to Google Forms

Have you ever needed to get information from students?  Maybe survey them to see what topics they want to work on for a project?  Or maybe you want to have students sign in or out of your classroom if they come in tardy or leave to use the restroom or go to their lockers.  Google forms is a quick and easy way to get this information.  

You could even use it to collect information from your staff members - such as when the best day for a meeting is, sign ups for professional development sessions, topics that staff are concerned with, or even the day they want to request to return or pick up textbooks from the library.

Using a form is a quick and easy way to collect data, without having to photocopy and waste paper.  It also tabulates the data into great pie charts and graphs. It counts things up for you, so you don't have to do it yourself. 

This is from a form I use for students signing in and
out of my class.  This shows the reasons.

This video is an introduction tutorial of how to set up a basic google form.

Here is a link to a post on 80 Ways to Use Google Forms.  There are some great ideas here. This is just the beginning on how to use google forms.  There are more advanced things you can do using google scripts with the data you collected.  You can use a google form as a quiz and then use flubaroo to self-grade it.  You can even add images to your forms.  You can assign students project topics and then send out the instructions, a premade google doc template that is named how you like it and already shared with you, the teacher.  How many times have your students forgot to change the sharing settings?  You can also attach rubrics or send out mass emails to your students. 

I am learning and testing out ways to use scripts, and they are AMAZING!  I will make future videos sharing how I use them.

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