Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Take VideoNot.es using Google Docs

Have you ever had your students watch a YouTube or Ted Talk video and asked them to take notes?  I personally always prefer to type up my notes, but it is hard to do while watching a video.  Here is a way that will allow students to do that easily.

There is a new Google App, videonot.es, which allows you to watch a video and take notes on the SAME web screen.  There is no need to try to open different windows or browsers to both.  These notes are saved in google drive and can be shared with the teacher.  And the best part?  After students take the notes, they can review or re-watch certain sections of the video by clicking on the yellow rectangle next to the notes.  Each box you click will take you to the section of the video where students typed the notes!!  I think this would be an amazing tool for students as they review for their exams.

If you are flipping your class, this is a great way for students to take notes while watching your screencasts.  And if you ever think that your students are copying their notes from another student and not watching the video (like they never would do...), you can check them by clicking on the yellow box next to each line of notes.

Here is a video showing how to use videonot.es:

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  1. Melissa, every thing that I see (and read) indicates this will not work on the iPad. Many Google apps do not. Have you actually had students use on the iPad? If you did, very interested in how that worked. rwynkoop@acsk12.us