Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Easily Switch Between Personal, Work, and Student Accounts on Chrome

Have you ever been frustrated when you have to keep signing in and out of your Gmail, Calendar, or Drive accounts?  Or afraid that a student using your computer will see your personal emails?

There are way to solve these problems if you are using Google Chrome as your Internet Browser. 

Manage your Personal and Work Accounts
Add multiple users to Google Chrome
  1. Click on the three bars on the top right of your screen.
  2. Click on settings.     
  3. Add a new user.
  4. Here, you will add in your other Gmail account (either your home, work, etc.)  You can enter in a name (ex. personal, work, your username, etc.) and choose a picture.
  5. Now, in the right hand corner of your screen, you will see the picture that represents your account.  (It is on the right if you are on a Mac.  If you are on a PC, it is on the left of your screen.)
  6. If you click on it, you can easily switch back and forth between your personal and work Google Accounts.
  7. It will open up a new Chrome window.  Each one is logged in with the separate account.  So you don't need to worry about signing in or out. 
Student Login on Your Computer
Use Incognito Window

  1. In chrome,  press Control + Shift + n (on a PC) or Command + Shift + n (on a Mac)
  2. Now the student can log in to Drive or any other account.  Your saved passwords or accounts will not be seen by the students.
  3. When the window is closed, all accounts that the student logged into are logged out of.
  4. Note:  On a GAFE account, you may not be able to open an Incognito window.  For example, my school seems to have locked that option.  I have to open the Incognito window from my personal Chrome User window.

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  1. Love this! I'm always trying to switch between accounts and Google Drive doesn't work with multiple sign-in. Perfect!