Monday, October 28, 2013

Search Google Like a Pro

Google is a great tool to find out information and even to find last minute lesson plans.  But do you always find what you are looking for?  Below are some search tips by Anthony Dejolde that will help you narrow down your searches.

by Anthony Dejolde:  Image Source

Do you want to find a quick lesson for the day?  There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  Before creating a brand new lesson, search for one using Google.  To narrow your searches, try searching for file type.  Enter in the search term followed by filetype:ppt to find a powerpoint presentation.
  • Ex:  mitosis filetype:ppt for a powerpoint on mitosis.
  • Other file extensions:
    • word documents:  filetype:doc
    • pdfs:  filetype:pdf
    • SMART Notebook:  filetype:notebook
For more ideas, learn about more search tips and tricks from Google.


  1. Great resource... and thanks for sharing how to search for a resource / file.... that's huge. While recreate the wheel?

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