Monday, November 11, 2013

Tech Tools to Help Improve Student Engagement

Last week at our All-Staff meeting, we heard the results of the DAIT walkthrough.  Most observed classrooms had engaging teachers, who were talking at their students, acting as a sage on the stage.  However, the students were just passively taking in the information.  They may have been really interested in the content, but we may not be reaching ALL of our students.

Our administration encouraged our staff to add some more active engagement strategies to our lessons.  Here are a few tech tools that can help us easily incorporate more of the Direct Interactive Instruction (DII) strategies into our courses.
  • Equity Cards
    • Teachers Pick - iOS app
      • you can import in your class lists to make "popsicle sticks" for each of your students.
      • call on student's randomly, or just choose the next student.
    • Stick Pick - iOS app
      • this app allows you to add in questions prompts for each student based on ELL levels or Bloom's 
      • you can't import student lists, you have to type in each student individually
  • Clickers & Exit Tickets
    • Plickers - iOS or Android app
      • students hold up cards based on multiple choice or true false questions
      • the teacher is the only person who needs a mobile device
    • Poll Everywhere - texting or internet
      • Sign up for K-12 Basic Acct for free
      • 40 responses per poll.  (So you would need to set up the poll separately for each class, or clear them between class periods.)
      • Integrates into Powerpoint
      • Multiple Choice or Short Answer
    • Socrative - iOS, Android, or Internet
      • You can set up questions ahead of time, or ask questions on the fly
      • Export the answers at the end of the poll
      • Multiple Choice or Short Answer
      • Games 
      • Easy to Use
      • Free
    • Infuse Learning - internet based
      • Similar to Socrative, but students can also draw answers
  • Students Voice
    • Google Voice
      • Students can call your google voice number to leave audio responses to share what they have learned
    • AudibooiOS App or internet
      • Students can create 2 minute podcasts to share what they have learned
  • Students Rate Their Own Understanding
    • Geddit - internet based
      • Allow students to self-evaluate their learning as you are teaching
      • Check for understanding throughout your lesson

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