Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Using iMovie iPad Trailers to Demonstrate Student Learning

When I was in high school, doing video projects were always such a big production.  They took lots of time, required lots of different equipment, and most projects required students to meet and work with their groups after school and off campus.  And the videos were poorly edited, if at all.

With advances in technology, most students now have amazing video cameras and editing software on their cell phones.  With the iMovie iOS app, students can quickly and easily make high quality videos to show what they know.  They can film people acting things out or can find images online to include into their videos.  

iMovie is easy to use, and when I first introduce it to my classes, they can create a high quality video in about five 50 minute class periods.  After learning how to use iMovie, they can do this in a much shorter amount of time.

Here is a set of instructions that I have written up for my students to use.  It includes instructions on how to storyboard their project (with templates), directions on how to find creative commons images, create the video, include a voice over, and properly cite their sources, including adding credits.  Feel free to make a copy of it and share it with your students.

*I created this slideshow before iMovie updated with iOS 7.  There are a few new features in the app, but everything is pretty much the same.  Soon, I will update the presentation to match the new iMovie.

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